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Child Identification Kit

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Smart ID Stick

Keep your whole families information in one place. This device holds up to 500 photographs. Great for insurance, Pets, Bag tag ID's for field trips, prints Missing Poster automatically and much more.  The device is also totally secure with multiple password levels.

 Smart ID EMS

Keep all your important medical information on this waterproof USB stick that also has a moisture-free emergency medication capsule! It is also holds photographs and much more for personal security. Password protected too!

Stranger Safety DVD

This DVD by John Walsh and Julie Clark keeps kids engaged while teaching them seven "hot tips" for personal safety around people they don't know, and those they "kinda know"

Internet Safety DVD

This DVD by John Walsh and Julie Clark is a kid friendly walk through the world of E-mail, downloads, pop-ups and chat rooms that takes a look at the serious issues regarding surfing the web.

Giggle Bug Wireless Child Locator

Clip the Giggle Bug to child’s clothing, if your child wanders away; press the button on the fob. The bug will emit a loud, distinctive, but kid-friendly “beep” until your child is found and you push the button on the unit to reset.


Mommy I'm Here! Wireless Child Locator

Press the transmitter to activate a high-decibel chirping alert on the teddy bear, drawing instant attention to your child up to 150 feet away. A terrific way to keep track of your child if they go out of your site quickly at the mall, fairs, community events. Great product for autistic children who are prone to run!


Document your child's unique tooth characteristics, tooth position and DNA.

Cool Tunes Safety Music CD

You get a record full of clever and fun songs that will have kids singing and learning important lessons that can help them learn to be safer.

Medibuddy First Aid Kit

The Medibuddy is just the buddy you need.  In the car, in your stroller, in the baby bag, in your purse. Cute, compact and jam packed with 40 kid friendly first aid items.


Wireless Child Locator w/Auto Alert

The CL-305 features a distance proximeter, so if your child wanders approximately 30 feet away from you and your keychain transmitter, the new ALERT feature will cause your remote keychain to chirp, alerting you that your child is out of sight.

iSafe Backpacks

The iSafe backpacks are made of durable rip-stop nylon and include 2 high decibel panic alarms and a strobe light which can be seen up to 400 yards away. The alarm is activated by pulling a concealed cord. They are great for children, teens, young adults, college students, and medically needy people. It's a great way to deter a predator or inform someone that a medical emergency is happening! Better to be safe than sorry. They come in various colors and styles - inquire to learn more.


Door Guard Alarm

The Door Guard Alarm is great for home, office and hotel. The Door Guard Alarm emits a loud beep (98db) when the door is opened.  It even includes an Emergency LED Light.  If your child tries to open the door it will beep warning you.  It is also great for the elderly or children with special needs.

Personal Panic Alarm

Here's an easy-to-use personal protection device. Simply clip to your purse, clothing, or keychain ... or just keep it in your pocket. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, push on the alarm and it will release a 101db piercing alarm. Designed to minimize false alarms.



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